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Is anybody out there?

Helllooooo... Where did everyone go? I so miss reading about your lives. I know I never post much but I felt so connected to you all when I could read about your lives. Have y'all gone someplace else? Would you share? I promise I will only lurk ;-) Anyway...I miss you...

reading to past the time away

I haven't posted in a dogs age. It isn't that I have been too busy or that I haven't been reading (as my posts earlier this year were all about the books I read. Its just that I don't ever have much to say and fell off the book bandwagon. So I am now going to hop back on with a list of new books that I read over the last 3-4 weeks. They are all by Kathy Reichs. I love reading a good series...one book just never feels like enough. So I read: Grave Secrets, Deadly Decisions, Fatal Voyage and Cross Bones (not in that order but it doesn't matter). These are good mindless reading. All based around a forensic anthropologist's work so don't read these if things like that make you squirm. I think there are at least 8 in the series and I am reading another now and have one more on my shelf so looks like this will keep me for a while. I also got an exciting find! A galley proof of the latest Alexander McCall Smith book. I would break away and read that now so that I would be the first on my block and all that but these "bones books" have me hooked. I love Alexander McCall Smith and all his stuff so I keep an audio book in my car player at all times. I listen on all trips when I am alone and sometimes feel like riding more because I love listening to them. So ain't this the boring post! But at least I'm back.

Another book

Here's I am again finishing another book. One thing that this process of posting what I've read on LJ has taught me is that I read a fair amount. Today's book is "Circle of Quilters" by Jennifer Chiaverini. I fell in love with this author when I read her first couple of books. For anyone with a hobby like this and a group of friends you share it with they really rang true and I could relate. I got a little down on her next few books because they went "historical" and I lost the thread of the group that she had created and they just all round weren't as good. So I got pretty excited when this new one came out as it was supposed to be back to the original group. However, this is weak. Its about job applicants trying to become part of the group (they had gone professional along the way). The stories were ho hum and the ending was too. She just isn't able to come up with plots that are interesting. So probably no more of this author unless I see some glowing review.

yikes book #7

I have been reading reading reading....This one is "In this Mountain", another Mitford book. At least this time it falls in the seriers correctly. Lots of God stuff but for some reason I make it through that and still am reading. I am already about 1/2 way through book 8...it might be the last one I have. I have discovered that Sudafed keeps me awake at night...not a good thing so all day I have been either sleeping or reading...not a bad thing for a Saturday I suppose.
I passed up what might have been a fun group exercise at church today on planning what to do with the second half of my life. I hesitated to sign up thinking I was already way into the 2nd half but Emriver pointed out that I certainly wasn't in the first half...thanks! However, the sleep took precedence.
My therapist this week recommended some drugs to get me past feeling down lately. So I went off to the Dr and got some. This was the second day. My ony question to myself is not that I need them or that they might work but how will I know when to get off them?

another book

I've finished book #6 in the Mitford series. It was sooo aggravating! Book number six shouldn't come before book #4 (or was it 3?). I hate when we go backward in time! Grrrr...it takes all the fun out of a series of books. You know exactly what is going to happen in these characters lives...no mystery. It was obviously written to cash in on the wedding of the major characters. Overly mushy. But I didn't put it down or throw it into the reject pile...I am too addicted to this stupid series. It is coming to an end though - my addiction that is. It's like a really good tv series that has gone on too long. The same old plots keep creeping in. You can forgive it for a while but eventually it should just end. I've got a few shows like that for me right now - all the Law and Orders and ER. Enough already. So I plod on to book #7 hoping that there will be some spark that will make me want to read #8 etc...

finished another

I finished another book in the Mitford series "Out to Canaan". I love these books. It is like going home at night when I read in bed. All the characters are there doing their routine mundane things in their own strange ways. Luckily I still have a few of these to go. They might come in handy in the next couple of days for distraction as I recover from my "procedure" of today. Procedure sounds so much nicer than describing whats in store. I just hope that the meds are strong. But if the meds are strong in my experience then reading goes out the window. Alas these cute little books will be waiting for me.

done with book

I have finally finished my first book of the new year. When I abandoned the heavy and boring 1st 2 books I moved to a light (at least in topic not in weight) one. It was "These High, Green Hills" by Jan Karon. It's part of a group of at least 9 books in the "Mitford series". I know that if there was a similar classification of books as there are now specialty TV stations that this would be a "Lifetime" book. It is a feel good series about a Episcopal minister and a small southern town (not sure where but it gets mighty cold there). This is the third in the series. I had read the first 2 previously. The secret here is that I cared about the characters. Their lives are filled with trivial things but isn't that mostly the way it is? Anyway...one to book 4.

what I haven't read

I love everyone's new year resolutions to post various things here. Since I am not good at the picture thing and never see a movie and don't watch tv shows with any faithfulness then I am left with books. I had been thinking of writing about what I managed to finish reading...not too exciting but what the hey. However, I have had 2 spectacular failures. Books I thought would be great but I just can't stick them out. So here's my post of books I haven't read:
Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult - I had great hopes for this book. Just finished one (My Sister's Keeper) by this author...really liked it. Asked for and received this book...put my current book aside...was excited. BLAH! I have come to the conclusion that I just don't care about the whinny characters in this book. And the gimmick of having each character write a chapter is getting a little thin. Also she adds to the gimmick by having one character tell the story backwards. Oh my this stinks. You just want to say (and ever so quietly because you just don't care) " get a life and move on already".
The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard - an Oprah book club book (should have been a clue as I have never really found that a useful recommendation). Well to begin with I started reading this at the same time and slightly after Songs. Big mistake. It was hard to remember which book I was in. Same technique of a chapter per character. Cute the first book you read like that but frustrating after that. This one has a much heavier topic (I won't say much about the plot so that I won't spoil it if you want to read it). Let's just say its a big tragedy. It's something that should never happen to you really but this person is again so self absorbed that I can't really feel for her. It feels like the whole thing happened to her not the person it happened to and didn't effect others in her life (at least that seems to be her view). Maybe this book gets really great after 200 pages. I can't wait.
So there you have it - 2 great failures for the new year, more to come I am sure.


My Xmas Stocking

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